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“Digital Airo’s mission is to provide the highest quality service to its clients.”


We are an independent Professional Services Firm providing a multiple of Internet/Web disciplines to our clients. Much of what we do falls outside the traditional “hired gun” services. We take pride in our industry knowledge, ability to deliver, and our track record of successes

We combine our extensive internet and web application expertise with business process solutions to deliver quality solutions to maximize value, resources and capital.

Digital Airo Services provides Internet/Web advisory, strategic development, and design services to a select group of clients. As Advisors we, Assess, Plan, Organize and deliver an Executable Solution as part of our client’s team. Our communications are timely, direct, and on point.

There’s no such thing as a generic industry solution from Digital Airo™. Our services are designed for executive management, inventors, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Founded in 2008, Digital Airo™ has been recognized for advising companies, executive management, inventors, entrepreneurs and business owners in multiple industries to achieve internet success and growth.


As important, Digital Airo’s network, within multiple disciplines, is exceptionally deep and diverse. These individuals and groups maintain the same high standards in quality work product, ethics, and service.

The Digital Airo™ management team is experienced professionals who founded the company in 2008. The combination of astute business management with unique, analytical skills and experience is the foundation upon which the Company has been formed.

This core team of knowledgeable executives has combined over 50 years of success in public company management, product development, software development, Internet technology and mass-market propositions.

John Taylor – Founder

Mr. Taylor has been involved in strategic business development, product development, operations, and finance for over 30 years. In the early 1990’s Mr. Taylor was an in demand business and development consultant as well as working on problem business projects. He turned around numerous problem projects saving his clients millions of dollars.

In 1995 Mr. Taylor formed Aspyre Internet Group and was part of the first wave of internet entrepreneurs. The company focused mainly on entertainment industry as well as other commercial applications. He sold the company in 2000. In 2002 he became CFO of American IR Technologies. The Company designed, manufactured and marketed consumer electronic products that targeted the Home Health and Safety and Quality of Life and Leisure markets. The company was sold in 2004.

Mr. Taylor co-founded Registered Express Corporation and took the Company public in 2009. His duties have included overseeing the development of the system, network and software and business operations. In 2015 he oversaw the development of the Registered Pet™ product line and changed the name of the Company to reflect this change of direction. The Company operates Registered Express™ brand and technologies in a separate division named Digital Airo™.

Corporate Information

Digital Airo, Inc.

The Company’s primary business operated under Digital Airo™ is Registered Express™ a Nevada based Company with a focus on operating as  Development Company whose primary business is the development of intellectual property that  contributes to commerce globally. The Company is on the forefront digital proprietary communication and digital asset delivery. The company defines itself by its attention to detail and innovation of its products.

The Company’s primary business operated by Digital Airo, Inc. under the brand name Registered Express™, is an Internet based global delivery of documents/files/media through its proprietary system and network. The Company was founded upon the most reliable and advanced technologies in the industry combined with innovative business development, marketing and branding strategies. This simple, easy to use system with enhanced capabilities of security, notifications, and storage, exceeds all compliance and security standards. The Company’s EDD (electronic document delivery) system is branded under the name Registered Express™.


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