Advisory Services

Assessment & Analysis

In assessing and analyzing a business’s online presence and performance, certain assumptions can be made by those who are outside the organization. A number of assumptions can be drawn, but putting them in a usable and common sense report without experience and expertise doesn’t give the insight necessary to start on a viable solution to understanding the online business of a company.

Strategic Planning

As advisors, we work with a variety of businesses across a number of industries. In reviewing the online performance of these organizations those that perform at a high level have a formalized strategic plan in place and are implementing it well.

Businesses that are struggling usually have no plan in place and seem to lose focus on what will actually make them successful. From the results of our assessment and analysis we are able draw insights and conclusions that will be the basis of the Strategic Plan and its implementation.

Cost Analysis

Cost analysis methodology is often limited and doesn’t take into account other factors at play in analysis of an online business. Primary and secondary use of a business’s resources, manpower, and capital verses the benefits it may or may not be realizing in today’s online competitive environment.

Digital Airo’s cost analysis methodology is based on current business practices and assumptions, while factoring in relevant costs (such as the impact of mobile applications and social media and their costs). Our forecasting and modeling is always being updated based on our insight and expertise at spotting significant trends and practices.

Operations Modeling

Digital Airo’s Operations Modeling is unique to the industry. It’s been an important part of many of our client’s successes in that it allows detailed side by side comparisons of the use of resources, manpower and capital to predict results in ways that management and business owners understand.


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